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ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE Bankruptcy Petition Review and Training SAVE MONEY. By  inputting most of the information into the bankruptcy software yourself, you save up to 70% compared to us preparing your entire petition, interviewing the client and gathering all the documentation.  Click here if you want this service. SAVE TIME. By being alerted of potential problems attorneys may encounter at the 341 Meeting of Creditors, attorneys will save time and reduce potential errors that delay confirmation and discharge. FREE TRAINING. With every bankruptcy petition review, the instructor calls you on the telephone to discuss the case. During this discussion, tips, techniques and other information is shared to help improve your skills. This benefit is especially useful for new attorneys who are just beginning their bankruptcy practice and filing their first petition in court. How the Process Works: PREPARE YOUR PETITION. Input all the client information that you possibly can into your bankruptcy software program. This includes creditor names, addresses, amount owed, dates, etc. EMAIL THE PETITION TO US.  If you are using Best Case software, you can email us the file itself. For other software programs, save the petition in PDF format before emailing to us. TELEPHONE CONSULTATION. After a complete analysis of your client’s bankruptcy petition, a report is prepared that provides suggested changes and potential problems to be addressed. An appointment will be set for consulting and training via telephone.  Price:  $250.00 (non-student) or $150.00 (student of MyBankruptcySchool) How to Get Started: Because every law firm is different, please call us at 719-659-0743 to discuss your needs, or CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will call you promptly. Why Would an Attorney Want a Paralegal to Train Them? "If you want to learn the law, ask an attorney. If you want to learn how to do the job, ask a paralegal." Doctors are skilled in practicing medicine and their nurse is skilled in the normal day-to-day operations. In the same way, an attorney is skilled in practicing law but a paralegal has the skills for the normal day- to-day operations of a law firm. Therefore, when an attorney finds a paralegal like Victoria Ring, who has many years of experience, who has specialized in one area of law and worked with law firms nationwide, that attorney knows this is a rare quality to find. Therefore, any attorney who would hold his or her law firm back from growth and prosperity simply because the training instructor was a paralegal is not making a sound business decision. Victoria prefers to build long-term business relationships with the attorneys and law firms she serves. In this manner, she is there every step of the way assisting the law firm when they should encounter any problems. This benefit in itself is a benefit that all bankruptcy attorneys enjoy and appreciate. Due to the time spent in training attorneys, Victoria only accepts a limited number of attorneys and law firms per year. This ensures personalized service is provided to every law firm and attorney Victoria serves. Free Tools Information Products and Services Other My Bankruptcy School