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ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE WordPress Web Design for Law Firms When we set up a new law firm practice it is common procedure for us to develop the initial website also.  Besides, a website goes hand in hand with the initial development of any new law firm because it establishes an internet presence to project stability and trust for clients.  However, for many people, just the thought of designing a web site is a daunting task.  Therefore, they delay in the website development and miss a very important opportunity in marketing and growing their law firm. This is why Chapter 7 and 13 Training offers a unique service specifically for law firms. In utilizing our services, we will:     INSTALL Wordpress on your domain and do all the initial set-up.     Install all the necessary PLUG-INS and WIDGETS to fit your law firm’s specific needs.     Design a UNIQUE theme specifically for your business or law firm and copyright it with your name     ($800 value).  You will be consulted during the design so that we get the perfect look you want for     your law firm.     Market your new website to all the MAJOR and LEGAL search engines.  If you decide to hire us for the     maintenance of your website we will continue to submit to new search engines every month that are     specific to your target market.     Train you (or your assistant) how to make changes, maintain updates, etc. (This saves you the     most money.) OR     We can maintain your website for you.  For a flat fee of only $49.00 per month we will make any     changes or updates you need performed as well as MARKETING your website and maintaining     the links in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our web design and maintenance services are unique because:     We have the inside knowledge and expertise it takes to develop your website the right way from the ground up; and we specialize specifically in bankruptcy law firms.     We guarantee that your new company website will show up in Google's search within 24 hours after development is complete. This is achievable due to installing the proper plugins and setting the proper keywords inside Wordpress.     We will set up Google alerts so that you will be immediately notified when someone references your website. This reference could be from a blog, or simply a link from their website to yours. This helps you to keep aware of where hits are coming from so that you can fine-tune your marketing, add additional web pages and make updates to your website to achieve the maximum effective exposure for your website.     Each page of your website will be encoded with the proper keywords to ensure top placement in search engines. Most web designers only insert META tags and keywords on the front page.     Google Analytics will be installed inside your Wordpress site so you can have access to statistical data regarding visitors to your website.     Themes, widgets and plugs-ins will be installed according to the specific needs of your law firm.     Akismet will be installed to protect the forms on your website from spam. The initial website we build for your law firm will contain:     Home page (up to 5,000 words and 10 photos or graphics)     Unique theme design with your law firm name as holding the copyright ($800 value)     Up to 10 different categories for links     Up to 50 different links with up to 10 links per category     Contact Form (customizable to fit your needs)     Up to 5 download links for PDFs or Word documents     Up to 1 hour of training and support so you can maintain your own website  Price:  $275.00 (with $49.00 monthly maintenance) or $375.00 (no monthly maintenance) Samples of Websites We Designed: http://doyleandwall.com/ http://www.coloradobankruptcytraining.com http://www.victoria-ring.com http://vbacertification.com http://chapter7and13bankuptcyblog.com http://www.servantofjesuschrist.com/ How to Get Started: Because every law firm is different, please call us at 719-659-0743 to discuss your needs, or CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will call you promptly. Free Tools Information Products and Services Other My Bankruptcy School