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ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE Training in Colorado Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to “get away from it all” and take a mini-vacation.  And while you are here, you can enjoy the benefits of personalized training for your bankruptcy law firm and write most of the trip off on your taxes.  Besides, attorneys who come to Colorado receive first-class service.  If you fly into Denver and we will train at your hotel suite.  Or, if you want to save money on a hotel and enjoy the beauty of Pikes Peak, rent a car or take the Front Range Express ($11) and drive 70 miles south to Colorado Springs.  In Colorado Springs, we provide all transportation to and from your hotel including a picnic at the Garden of the Gods. We understand that every law firm is different and every attorney is different. That is why Victoria Ring listens to you in an effort to understand your needs and goals. She will then personalize a training plan that not only gets your bankruptcy law practice up and running immediately, but with a focus on high quality and good old-fashioned customer service; thus resulting in very high profit margins. This level of training is designed to be personalized to your exact training needs. This means you can pick and choose any level of training in any of the following areas which are specifically focused on the debtor bankruptcy field: ** New Bankruptcy Law Firm Set-Up ** Training of attorneys and their staff for implementation purposes of new office procedures ** Establish operational procedures and develop an Operations Manual ** Set procedures in place that will increase profitability and functionality for the law firm ** Develop organization of work flow for maximum efficiency ** Establish accounting procedures and software implementation ** Software training in Best Case bankruptcy software (we are expert users of this software) ** Chapter 7 pre and post discharge training ** Chapter 13 pre and post confirmation training ** Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparation ** Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition preparation ** Chapter 13 Plan skills ** Staff training and testing of petition preparation skills ** Internet marketing techniques ** Training in how to quickly design your own brochures and marketing materials. ** Offline marketing techniques ** How to incorporate marketing procedures into the law firm operations ** Website development, consulting and training so you can maintain it yourself ** How to write and develop ebooks for online distribution ** How to design and develop office forms utilizing Adobe Acrobat software ** How to develop videos free and promote your lawfirm online at no charge ** Skill-building in speaking and presentation for your target market ** Software training in editing and producing your own videos ** and more . . .  Price:  1 Day: $850 (non-student) or $750 (student of MyBankruptcySchool)            2 Days: $1,600 (non-student) or $1,500 (student of MyBankruptcySchool)            3 Days: $2.200 (non-student) or $2,000 (student of MyBankruptcySchool)  Note: The prices above is for the training of ONE student. Each additional student is $200 per  day up to 10 students. Cost per student is reduced to $100 per day when 10 or more students  are trained at the same time. Each student is provided with personalized attention and receives  the same benefits as a full-paying student. How to Get Started: Because every law firm is different, please call us at 719-659-0743 to discuss your needs, or CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will call you promptly. Why Would an Attorney Want a Paralegal to Train Them? "If you want to learn the law, ask an attorney. If you want to learn how to do the job, ask a paralegal." Doctors are skilled in practicing medicine and their nurse is skilled in the normal day-to-day operations. In the same way, an attorney is skilled in practicing law but a paralegal has the skills for the normal day- to-day operations of a law firm. Therefore, when an attorney finds a paralegal like Victoria Ring, who has many years of experience, who has specialized in one area of law and worked with law firms nationwide, that attorney knows this is a rare quality to find. Therefore, any attorney who would hold his or her law firm back from growth and prosperity simply because the training instructor was a paralegal is not making a sound business decision. Victoria prefers to build long-term business relationships with the attorneys and law firms she serves. In this manner, she is there every step of the way assisting the law firm when they should encounter any problems. This benefit in itself is a benefit that all bankruptcy attorneys enjoy and appreciate. Due to the time spent in training attorneys, Victoria only accepts a limited number of attorneys and law firms per year. This ensures personalized service is provided to every law firm and attorney Victoria serves. Free Tools Information Products and Services Other My Bankruptcy School