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ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE ORDER COMPLETE PACKAGE Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Petition Preparation a paralegal service limited to attorneys only Some attorneys prefer to have Chapter 7 and 13 Training prepare and manage all of their Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition cases; providing top-level paralegal services on a virtial basis.  This means that the case is personally reviewed, critiqued and triple checked for accuracy by Victoria Ring, a Certified Paralegal with over 34 years of paralegal experience. Services Provided:     Initial consultation with attorney to gather basic information about the case; and to find out the     direction the attorney wants to take the case.     Initial consultation with client to acclamate them to our paralegal role in the process as well as     providing our contact information. This immediately reduces telephone calls from clients to the law     firm and relieves the burden of answering general questions over and over again.  Details of all client     conversations are documented and emailed to the attorney within minutes of the completion of the     client contact.     If not previously done, pre-qualification intake from the client in order to provide the attorney with an     initial overview of the case.     Complete search and verification of all data provided by the client in order to fulfill due diligence of     the attorney.     Asset, background and criminal records search for all clients.     Compilation of Attorney Cover Sheet which is used to take to court in order to address any issues the     case may have that are unordinary.  The attorney will know before going to court many of the     complexities of every bankruptcy case, simply by reviewing the Attorney Cover Sheet.     Ongoing communication by email with the attorney so that he or she is fully aware of the progress of     all bankruptcy cases at all times.     Responses to emails within hours (often minutes) of receipt.     Attorneys are provided with Victoria Ring’s private phone number for emergency situations.     Professional behavior and complete adherence to Unauthorized Practice of Law regulations.     Accurate recordkeeping of all correspondence on the case.     Entire case and all documents provided on CD-Rom upon request at no additional charge.     Preparation of Chapter 13 Plan as well as any amendments (if necessary) to achieve confirmation of     the case.     Case strategy consulting with attorney on more complicated and complex cases.  (This perk is rare to     find in any legal services company).  However, Victoria Ring has been referred to as “Erin Brokovich”     of bankruptcy.  Therefore, attorneys value her direct insight based on 34+ years of legal experience in     a wide variety of law firms throughout the United States.  Price:  Chapter 7 starting at $350 (complex cases are slightly higher)             Chapter 13 starting at $450 (complex cases are slightly higher) How to Get Started: CLICK HERE to download the Client Intake Forms CLICK HERE to download the Client Intake Forms Instructions or call our office at 719.659.0743 Free Tools Information Products and Services Other My Bankruptcy School